Chiropractor Website #1

Dr. Jeremy, a Chiropractor Fort Collins residents trust, has recently launched his new website. Check out what one of our critics had to say!

When I first logged in to the website it was easy to know what it was all about. The colors are attractive and blend together to give me, the user, a pleasant experience. As a new user I was able to get to know what services they offer directly from the home page without having to register or search for anything.

The home page is also simple with all the relevant information needed to make a new user feel safe and trust the credibility of the website. The website is interactive and the animations are well programmed. Users get to know everything about the website and the services, including the location, who the doctor is and the previous work, just from the home page. The menu bar is fixed at the top with few buttons for simplicity.

The about page has in cooperated a video to accommodate those users who would prefer to watch the video rather than read. The customer reviews have also been made public for all users. The contact information has been provided conclusively. It is also really impressive how they have managed to get customer reviews on video. It makes them more reliable and a new user is more likely to use their services.

The reviews come from people of all ages and genders. People can relate to the clients that have more in common with them. The various case studies also have people with different medical issues so people are able to see the outcome of their services.

The new patients tab moves the user to a page that explains everything about what will happen once they book an appointment. They have explained what will happen in all the necessary steps, consultation, examination and even X-ray. This leaves no room for doubt in the client’s mind.
A new patient can easily register to become a patient by filling in three simple forms. Each question is clear and concise. They have only requested relevant information. Here I tried to fill in the paper work with some random characters and the only error I got was when I tried to submit a false email. It would be better if they could provide drop down lists for criteria such as street to reduce chances of getting erroneous data. The user can also give insurance information easily in one simple form.

The user can also see all the services offered by the Chiropractor in one page. By clicking on a particular service, they get to see more information about the condition and what can be done in the treatment process.

The blog is also very attractive with all the commonly asked questions. They have been explained further with various people giving comments and views on each topic. This promotes interactive communication even among clients which is good for transparency.

Generally, the website is amazing. It has managed to combine simplicity with the complex features that make it modern and professional. No pesky ads, irrelevant information or unnecessary animations. The only improvement that can be made is on how to ensure data from clients is accurate. Otherwise, overall user experience is perfect.